Past Recipients-Honorary Degrees - Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University Honorary Degree Recipients


* Alan Alda (also Keynote Speaker)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Joyce Kozloff (A 1964)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Kai-Fu Lee (CS 1988 and Past Faculty)—Doctor of Business Practice
* Judea Pearl—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Stephen Schwartz (A 1968)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Carl E. Wieman—Doctor of Science and Technology


* Manfred Honeck—Doctor of Fine Arts
* John Wells (A 1979)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Telle Whitney—Doctor of Science and Technology


* Jared L. Cohon—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Jules Fisher (A 1960)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Charles M. Geschke (S 1973)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Mark A. Nordenberg—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Ratan N. Tata—Doctor of Business Practice
* Charles M. Vest—Doctor of Science and Technology


* Renée Fleming—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Temple Grandin—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Ruth Gruber—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Daniel Kahneman—Doctor of Business Practice
* Richard P. Simmons—Doctor of Science and Technology


* Craig Barrett—Doctor of Science and Technology                                
* Steven Bochco (A 1966)—Doctor of Fine Arts                          
* Chip Ganassi, Jr.—Doctor of Science and Technology              
* Rick Rashid—Doctor of Science and Technology                                                                                 
* David Servan-Schreiber (CS 1989, 1990)—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Rafael Rangel Sostmann—Doctor of Humane Letters
* David Steiner (E 1951)—Doctor of Business Practice
* Oliver Eaton Williamson (TPR 1962, 1964)—Doctor of Economics and Organization


* Chester Gordon Bell—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Robert H. Dennard (E 1958)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Barbara Luderowski—Doctor of Fine Arts
* James H. Simons—Doctor of Business Practice


* Thomas Detre, M.D.—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Keith Lockhart (A 1983)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Phylicia Rashad—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Harold T. Shapiro—Doctor of Public Policy
* Eric Schmidt—Doctor of Science and Technology


* Norman R. Augustine—Doctor of Public Policy
* Jeffrey P. Bezos—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Elizabeth Catlett—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Nam Pyo Suh (E 1964)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Patrick Suppes—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Al Gore—Doctor of Humane Letters


* Helen S. Faison—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Wilton A. Hawkins (E 1948)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Paolo Lugari—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Gerald C. Meyers (E 1950, TPR 1954)—Doctor of Business Practice
* Earl Wild (A 1937)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* William H. Cosby, Jr.—Doctor of Humane Letters


* Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Jonathan Borofsky (A 1964)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Vartan Gregorian—Doctor of Humane Letters
* John L. Hall (S 1956, 1958, 1962)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Jeffrey Romoff—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Bud Yorkin (E 1948)—Doctor of Fine Arts


* Mel Bochner—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Robert Dickinson—Doctor of Fine Arts
* Jessie Gruman—Doctor of Public Policy


* C.D. Mote, Jr.—Doctor of Science and Technology
* William D. Ruckelshaus—Doctor of Public Policy
* Richard A. Tapia—Doctor of Science and Technology


* George Armitage Miller—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Paul O′Neill—Doctor of Public Policy
* Ivan E. Sutherland (E 1959)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* James M. Walton—Doctor of Humane Letters


* Governor Tom Ridge (also Keynote Speaker)—Doctor of Public Policy
* Anita Borg—Doctor of Science and Technology
* William Bowen—Doctor of Humane Letters
* George Cowan—Doctor of Science and Technology
* John Seinfeld—Doctor of Science and Technology


* Stephanie Kwolek (S 1946)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Gordon E. Moore—Doctor of Science and Technology
* John E. Murray, Jr.—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Kenneth Prewitt—Doctor of Public Policy
* William E. Strickland, Jr.—Doctor of Humane Letters


* Lewis M. Branscomb—Doctor of Public Policy
* Teresa Heinz—Doctor of Humane Letters
* Ann Roth (A 1953)—Doctor of Fine Arts
* John Wideman—Doctor of Humane Letters


* William A. Wulf—Doctor of Science and Technology
* John A. Pople—Doctor of Science and Technology
* John F. Nash, Jr.—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Walter Kohn—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Anita K. Jones (S 1973)—Doctor of Science and Technology
* Shirley Brice Heath—Doctor of Humane Letters

1998 No Honorary Degrees Awarded


* Robert Mehrabian

1996 No Honorary Degrees Awarded

1995 No Honorary Degrees Awarded

1994 No Honorary Degrees Awarded

1993 No Honorary Degrees Awarded

1992 No Honorary Degrees Awarded

1991 No Honorary Degrees Awarded


* Elsie Hilliard Hillman—Doctor of Laws
* Kei More (awarded posthumously, accepted by his wife, Yoko Mori)—Doctor of Science
* Herbert Simon—Doctor of Science


* Raoul Bott—Doctor of Science
* George E.P. Box—Doctor of Science
* Richard Michael Cyert—Doctor of Science
* Ralph Edward Gomory—Doctor of Science
* Emilio Rosenbluth—Doctor of Engineering