Bottom Line Results-Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women - Carnegie Mellon University

Bottom Line Results

An Investment with Excellent Returns

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Co-founder M.J. Tocci and Dr. Linda Babcock share their perspectives on negotiation, gender stereotypes, and the lasting benefits of attending the Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women.

Heinz Negotiation Academy Graduate Learning Outcomes

                Diagnose problems, make effective decisions, influence and motivate others

                Contribute positively to the culture and economic success of their organization

                Obtain the resources necessary to realize their potential

                Identify and leverage connections essential to getting the job done

                Negotiate conditions for optimal results for themselves and their company

                Demonstrate confidence under pressure

                Reduce organizational conflict and eliminate barriers to effective negotiation

                Articulate individual professional goals and how to meet them

                Communicate clearly, command attention and convey authority

                Develop an authentic, winning personal brand

                Earn a certificate from Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College

How will the academy benefit us? from Studio J on Vimeo.

Bottom-Line Results for Participating Organizations

                Retain and develop female employees, reduce attrition costs and productivity losses

                Attract top female talent for competitive advantage

                Enable an entire workforce to be impacted, as Academy Graduates are certified trainers

                Strengthen their pipeline to female clients, potential customers and stakeholders

                Increase productivity when teams work well together

                Enable women to help achieve strategic goals by negotiating key initiatives

                Become branded as organizations committed to investing in diverse leadership