Critical Leadership Skills-Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women - Carnegie Mellon University

Critical Leadership Skills

Successful executives don't happen by accident; years of experience 'in the trenches', a variety of personal strengths, and deliberate career choices are at play. 

HandshakeAt every stage of your career, employing leadership success strategies can help you to become a most effective advocate – for your organization, and for yourself. Yet developing such strategies individually can be a difficult process, limited by one perspective instead of a 360-degree view.

Through intensive, hands-on training at the Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women, you will develop a customized leadership success strategy with your own executive coach, who will challenge you and provide feedback at every stage of the program.

In interactive class meetings, you'll learn how to become valued as the asset you are; how to have your insight be heard above the noise; how to develop your own brand and best leverage your talents for your organization; and perhaps best of all, how to negotiate win-win deals for you AND your employer.

did you know?

In 2013, only 16.1% of board seats at Fortune 1000 companies were held by women; a mere 4.6% of F1000 companies have a female CEO at the helm.

“Women in business need strong negotiation and leadership skills, and the Academy’s curriculum helps participants to master the areas women need to get ahead.

— Heidi Bartholomew, Clinical Assist. Prof. of Business Administration, The University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business; former VP & Controller, FedEx Ground