Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women - Carnegie Mellon University

Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women

For rising female leaders seeking win-win outcomes for themselves and their organizations.

Download the Kavanagh Case Study [PDF] and view our Fall Preview event below

The Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women is the first program in the country to look at critical leadership skills through a negotiation lens. Every day, we negotiate for opportunities for advancement, resources to do our jobs well, to define and clarify our brand, to claim our value, resolve conflict and promote collaboration on our teams. We negotiate strategic initiatives and deals for our organizations and its stakeholders.

To succeed, women need to do all of these well, but the issues for women are unique. This Academy is poised to deliver the critical skills required so that women and their organizations benefit.

 You will learn how to:

  • Excel at Negotiating for Yourself and Your Organization
  • Master a New Paradigm For Solving Problems
  • Close the Gender Gap
  • Ask For What You Need to Succeed
  • Enhance Relationships and Expand Your Influence
  • Leverage Your Talents and Claim Your Value

Program Begins September 2014

Part One: Negotiation Master Class
This is a deep dive into negotiation technique, influence, planning and analysis. It will feature case studies and hands on exercises, emphasizing strategy. Part One will be 3 days in September 2014, 2 days in Oct 2014 and 2 days in November 2014. The cost will be $8500.

Part Two: Negotiation in Context
Building on the skills mastered in Part One, this section will focus on you and your organization. We will explore power and influence networks, branding, presence, stereotypes and authority and other indispensible leadership tools looked at through the highly practical lens of negotiation. These sessions will occur over 2 days in January 2015, 2 days in February and 3 days in March. The cost is $8500 and Part One is a prerequisite. There is a $1000 discount if you sign up for both. Apply now.

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The Heinz Negotiation Academy is part of the Program for Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society (PROGRESS), which was established by Dr. Linda C. Babcock in 2006 to improve society by teaching women and girls the art of negotiation.