Enrollment Opportunities and Deadlines-University Health Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Enrollment Opportunities:

Fall 2015 Open Enrollment period: July 15, 2015 - September 14, 2015   (to select coverage for August 1 through the following July 31)

Spring 2016 Open Enrollment period (same each year): December 15 - January 31  (to select coverage for January 1 through July 31)

Summer 2016 Open Enrollment period (same each year): May 1 - June 15  (to select coverage May 1 through July 31)

Eligible participants have a specific enrollment period once each academic year for their medical enrollment or waiver decisions.

An eligible student's open enrollment period for medical insurance enrollment corresponds to his or her first active semester on campus within each academic year. Students must make their medical insurance decision during this period, and can also enroll their spouse or domestic partner and/or dependent children in their chosen plan.

August graduates may request a one-month extension. Please contact shinsure@andrew.cmu.edu for more information.

Visiting scholars and researchers  must voluntarily enroll in the medical insurance within 31 days of the start of their formal relationship with the university.  They must provide their department's written verification of their relationship, including the start date. Their insurance coverage begins as of the start date confirmed by their department, and continues through July 31. Visiting scholars and researchers may choose to also enroll their spouse or domestic partner and/or dependent children.

Waivers must be received by the Open Enrollment deadline in order to be considered for a complete waiver of the default-charged student insurance premium.  Students that miss their deadline can submit a late waiver for consideration, but, if the waiver is approved, they will be charged for the timeframe during which they were insured. If the student is a matriculating student, an insurance cancellation form is also required for late waivers.

Vision or dental enrollments can occur in the fall or spring open enrollment periods.

Both timeframes are open to all eligible participants. Outside of the fall and spring open enrollment period, there is no enrollment permitted in vision or dental.

Qualifying events for eligible participants permit an additional opportunity to enroll in medical, but not dental or vision.

  • Loss of insurance after divorce;
  • loss of insurance due to loss of employment;

Qualifying events are situations that  permit additional opportunities to enroll in the medical insurance (but not vision or dental). An eligible participant has 31 days following a qualifying event to modify his or her medical insurance enrollment  accordingly. If insurance is lost, those required to meet Carnegie Mellon's student insurance requirements must enroll within 31 days of the event.

Two additional qualifying events:

  • birth of a newborn child; or
  • the arrival of immediate family members (spouse, domestic partner or children) into the country for the first time in the insurance enrollment year

require that the eligible participant was already enrolled in the medical insurance plan. If that is the case, then the baby or additional family members may be added to the eligible participant's plan within the same 31-day timeframe.

Enrollment and Waiver forms