Monthly Payment Option: TMS-University Health Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Insurance Premium Monthly Payment Option: Tuition Management Systems (TMS)

Carnegie Mellon is pleased to extend the services of Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to help you manage your health insurance costs. The TMS Health Insurance Monthly Payment Option allows you to spread your health insurance premium over nine monthly installments. The installments begin in September and end in May. We are offering this special TMS plan to cover your health insurance costs only. There is no interest, no pre-qualification or credit check for this service. NOTE: This option is only available during the Fall enrollment.

With this payment option, you have 24-hour access to account information through TMS's web site, toll-free automated account information through Infoline, and personal account service Monday through Saturday.

Students and their families may already be familiar with TMS from the Monthly Payment Option for tuition and fees. If you already use a TMS plan to cover your tuition and fees, you can add your health insurance premiums to that plan.

For more information, visit Tuition Management System's website, or call 1-800-722-4867 and speak with an Education Payment Counselor.

If you would like to set this up online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Academic Year
  3. Select Carnegie Mellon - Health Insurance
  4. Select Enroll
  5. Select Annual then continue
  6. Enter your insurance premium totals (you can include medical, vision and dental premiums here if you like)
  7. Select Payments then Continue
  8. Continue through the forms to add your personal information

Note that payroll deduction cannot be used to cover your health insurance premium costs.

What if your insurance costs change later in the year?

The costs associated with your insurance choices can sometimes change later in the year, depending on your circumstances. If you get married and add a spouse, if you add a child to the policy, or if you leave the university early and receive a prorated refund of the costs you paid, this can alter the amount of the insurance premiums you want to have handled through TMS.

Review the deadlines associated with enrollment due to these circumstances, and complete the appropriate forms. We'll calculate your altered insurance premium tally, and then you'll notify TMS of the modified amount.