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CMU Peer Health Advocates offer a variety of fun and informative health education programs.


Come play our version of alcohol jeopardy and learn how to make better choices around alcohol use. Main topics include: alcohol and gender, when enough is enough, alcohol and sex, binge drinking, and how to help a friend.

Tartan Nutrition Tips

Programs Available:

- Think your drink
- Weight management
- Food labels

Main topics may include: dining vendors on campus, what eating a balanced diet really means, the freshman 15 myth, and portion distortion.

Sexual Health

Programs Available:

- Sex: The Ins and Outs
- Women's Health

Despite what you may think, people ARE having sex on our campus! Join us for a game of Condom Bingo to learn the ins and outs of safer sex. Main topics include: sexual decision making, safer sex on a college campus and resources available for students.

"I'm So Stressed Out!"

Programs Available:

- Understanding stress - a fun relaxation activity
- Time mangement
- M&Ms: Mindfulness and Meditation

Main topics may include: time management, learning to say no, prioritizing, stress relief techniques, what is mindfulness and meditation?, guided practice, how this helps in our daily lives and resources on campus.

Smoke Out: Tobacco & Marijuana

A fun, interactive game to learn more about tobacco and marijuana and spark thought and provoke discussion. Main topics include: how many people are smoking on our campus?, social smoking and hookah, effects, and where to go if you want help to quit.

Sleep & Stimulants

Learn about the importance of sleep and some short and long-term side effects of sleep deprivation. Discuss stimulants through a game of pictionary with your friends!

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