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CMU Peer Health Advocates offer a variety of fun and informative health education programs.

"Alcohol Jeopardy"

Come play our version of alcohol jeopardy and learn how to make better choices around alcohol use.

Main topics include: alcohol and gender, when enough is enough, alcohol and sex, binge drinking, and how to help a friend.

"Tartan Nutrition Tips: how to have a dynamite diet"

Convinced there's no way to eat healthy at college? Want to know how to optimize nutrition without sacrificing taste? If so, this program's for you.  Come learn how to eat better, feel better and look better.

Main topics include: dining vendors on campus, what eating a balanced diet really means, the freshman 15 myth, and portion distortion.

"Sex: The Ins and Outs"

Despite what you may think, people ARE having sex on our campus! Join us for a game of Condom Bingo to learn the ins and outs of safer sex.

Main topics include: sexual decision making, safer sex on a college campus and resources available for students.

"Relax, Take a Load Off"

If pressure, stress and anxiety have become popular words in your vocabulary, this is the program for you. Come learn how to better cope with stress through a variety of approaches.

Main topics include: time management, learning to say no, prioritizing, stress relief techniques, and resources on campus.

"M&Ms: Mindfulness and Meditation"

Set aside some time to learn more about mindfulness and meditation and take the opportunity to put what you learn into practice.

Main topics include: what is mindfulness and meditation?, guided practice, how this helps in our daily lives

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Program Requests

To schedule a PHA program, complete our Program Request Form [.doc].

When scheduling:

  • Please request at least 7 days in advance
  • Suggest 3 possible program dates and times

To encourage participation:

Advertise! A few simple posters can help.
Entice! Offering snacks never hurts.
Promote! Word of mouth works in college life.

Want to be a PHA?

Each spring, UHS recruits PHA candidates through TartanTrak for the following academic year.  Check for open positions after Spring Break.