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Eating Concerns

Eating Disorder Concerns and Body Image Issues

The term "disordered eating" is used to describe unhealthy attitudes and perceptions toward food and weight.  Disordered eating behaviors may start in college or students might arrive with concerns.  These behaviors represent the start of an unhealthy relationship some people have with food. Behaviors that can result from unhealthy attitudes include skipping meals, frequent dieting, binge eating or exercising for the sake of burning calories.

Sometimes, disordered eating can be the precursor to a serious, life-threatening eating disorder. Eating disorders meet specific criteria, beyond disordered eating behaviors. Eating disorders do not discriminate on the basis of gender; men and women can both suffer from eating disorders.

Click on the links below to find out more information. Due to the complex nature of eating disorders, these pages contain general educational information and these guidelines are to be used as a starting point to getting help for yourself or a friend.

Do I have a problem?

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