AlcoholEdu + Haven-University Health Services - Carnegie Mellon University

AlcoholEdu for College + Haven Online Courses

Health and safety are critically important to the student experience, both in and out of the classroom. These online courses are part of our comprehensive approach to substance abuse and sexual violence prevention. They help empower students to create a safe and positive campus environment for everyone.

The courses are open throughout the school year and can be accessed by all undergraduate and graduate students. 

Students should use their AndrewID and password to access courses. Courses can be found here:CMU AlcoholEDU + Haven

AlcoholEdu for Parents and Haven are available for parents and guardians of students who are participating in AlcoholEdu for College and Haven.

Non-technical questions may be directed to the Office of Health Promotion or directly to Lauren Aikin-Smith.

AlcoholEdu for College + Haven are open throughout the school year.