A collaboration between Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and Propel Charter School, Homestead

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Short Term Goals

To establish a strong relationship with a group of local elementary or middle schools to generate future partnerships.

To generate interest in the program at area universities in order to work toward forming future pairings of schools or "Growing Theater Chapters".

..Three Year Goal (2009)

To create two chapters of Growing Theater: a total of three partnerships between local universities and public schools.

..Five Year Goal (2011)

To create a non-local partnership, launching with workshops and workbooks for mentors and public school partners.

..Ten Year Goal (2016)

To create a national model in which school partnerships can obtain program kits and workshops in order to start their own partnerships.

..Do you want to be part of Growing Theater?

Are you interested in starting a chapter of Growing Theater? Please contact Anne Mundell at Carnegie Mellon University: 412 268 7218 or amundell@andrew.cmu.edu

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