Past Professional Development Series-Graduate Education - Carnegie Mellon University

Past Professional Development Series

Team Building
Courtney Williamson, Ph.D. student, Tepper School of Business
Ishani Aggarwal, Ph.D. student, Tepper School of Business
Have you ever wondered why some teams seem more cohesive or productive than others? That rarely happens without intention. This session will explore the stages of team formation through team completion, assessing team member strengths and challenges, and maximizing team potential.

Taya Cohen, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior & Theory, Tepper School of Business
The ability to negotiate will enhance all aspects of your life and build confidence in your communication with others. This session will address the process of negotiation, skills necessary for creating successful win:win situations, preparation needed for entering negotiation, and gender considerations for negotiators.

The Job Search Process – focus on Humanities, CFA, and MCS
Career & Professional Development Center
The job search process can often feel like a job in and of itself!  This session will help you map out a step-by-step process and timeline for your approach to finding your ideal position.  Our presenter(s) will share tips about resumes, finding and targeting (not stalking!) employers, and creating your personal job search strategies.

Preparing for the Interview
Kevin Collins, Assistant Director and Career Consultant, Career & Professional Development Center
Now that you have landed the interview, your work is just beginning!  Come learn techniques for receiving real-time feedback about your interview skills, resources for practicing your interview skills, and many other tips for knowing the organization you are interviewing with and knowing yourself.
Effective Interviewing Strategies.pdf

Presentation Skills
Sheila Liming, Ph.D. student, English
Have you ever sat in awe of someone’s presentation skills and wonder how he or she got to be so savvy? Does the thought of giving a presentation make your heart start racing? Do you know what you want to say but not how to organize it for clear conveyance to others? Be sure to attend this session. The focus will be on presenting your academic work but the skills will be transferrable to any type of presentation.
Giving Academic Presentations.pdf

Navigating Difficult Conversations
Jamie Rossi, Assistant Director of Graduate Student Initiatives
No one really looks forward to a difficult conversation. They can be wrought with emotions and you often don’t know where to start or how to approach the conversation. There are techniques for identifying the core issue, preparing to address that issue, staying focused in the moment of the conversation, and the often neglected step of following up after the conversation.  These will all be covered in their session.
Navigating Difficult Conversations.pdf
Assertive Language.pdf