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Graduate Women's Gatherings

The Graduate Women’s Gatherings are opportunities to meet that focus on issues of particular concern to graduate women. Women in academia face distinct challenges. This is particularly true for women in the sciences and technical fields, where they have been, and remain, under-represented. The Graduate Women’s Gather­ings are designed to address graduate women’s issues.

Based on the popularity of last year's series on professional confidence, this year's gatherings will continue to focus on professionalism. They will alternate between seminar talks, interactive workshops, and networking lunches. Women faculty, administrators, and students will speak to their own experiences professionalizing, what has been most and least useful to them. They will share stories about succeeding in academia. Programs will provide an opportunity for all women graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, administrators and faculty members to share ideas and experiences on topics ranging from professional collaboration to relationship with advisors to negotiation.

Graduate Women's Gatherings Fall 2014

Networking Lunch
September 26, 2014

Networking Lunch
October 20, 2014

Networking Lunch
November 4, 2014

Networking Lunch
November 24, 2014

End of Semester Celebration
December 10, 2014

Further Information

For further information on our focused support programs for women, please contact:

Jamie Rossi
Assistant Director of Graduate Student Initiatives
530 C Warner Hall
5000 Forbes Avenue
Carnegie Mellon University