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The Office of Government Relations regularly publishes both university-wide and single subject research briefing books. Click on a title to download the most current version of each publication.

Research Briefing Books

2009 Briefing Book (full publication)

   Sections by subject:

     1.1 Introduction

     1.2 Campuses & Institutes

     1.3 Faculty

     1.4 Students

     1.5 Community Outreach

     2.1 Business and Economic Development

     2.2 Computer Science

     2.3 Energy & Environment

     2.4 Fine Arts

     2.5 I.T. & Security

     2.6 Life Sciences

     2.7 Public Policy

     2.8 Robotics

     2.9 Software Engineering


Single-subject Briefing Books:

Life Sciences Briefing Book

Energy and Environmental Issues Briefing Book