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When CMU Professor — and Astrobotic CEO & Chief Technology Officer — William "Red" Whittaker decided to enter the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition, he didn't have to go far to find his team members.

The competition presents an unusual set of interdisciplinary challenges for which Carnegie Mellon University scientists and technologists are uniquely suited.

And we're not stopping there. Carnegie Mellon University artists have joined the team to exceed the goals set by Google and define a new class of artistic endeavor.

We will help accomplish the mission in a way that only we can, by simultaneously advancing science, technology and art.

Team Leaders

William 'Red' Whittaker William "Red" Whittaker an internationally renowned roboticist, Carnegie Mellon alumnus and a University Professor and faculty member at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute.

Lowry Burgess Lowry Burgess a professor of art, former dean of the College of Fine Arts and distinguished fellow in Carnegie Mellon's STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, he is considered a pioneer of the space art movement.


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Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute in the School of Computer Science, the first of its kind in the world, remains the world's leader in research, education and innovation in the field.

The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon, an experimental, cross-disciplinary program within the College of Fine Arts, brings renowned creativity and innovative design to the lunar mission.

Astrobotic Technology, a spinoff of Carnegie Mellon University, pioneers the lunar frontier by providing commercial robotic services.




Project Contacts

Dr. Philip Lehman, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, 412.268.9962

Margaret Myers, Carnegie Mellon STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, 412.268.3451

Media Contact

Byron Spice, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, 412.268.9068