Meaning of a Global University-Global Partnerships - Carnegie Mellon University

Global University

To be a "global university" is to engage in activities both on-campus and abroad that deepen our students' knowledge of the world and that increase Carnegie Mellon's presence globally.  These activities are developed based on the goals outlined in the table below.

We believe that a global university is a multidimensional space.  Universities might place different weight on each of the eight cells shown in the table below, but they should address all of these tasks.

This table contains tasks that are "Internal" and "External".  Internal means that an activity occurs within the university community, and External means that it occurs ouside of the United States.  We need to promote the global awareness of our students (Internal Education).  Creating, or being involved in an international research initiative (External Research) represents another aspect of a global university.  Building strong global alumni groups (External Community) represents another dimension.  Inviting internal experts to be members of Boards of Trustees, college advisory boards, and other administrative committees represents a different element of a global university.  Again, different universities might place emphasis on different cells as a function of their history, mission, and culture.

Framing the Idea of a Global University

Internal External
Education Globalize educational experience for our students (e.g., architecture studios, international project courses). Provide opportunities to study outside the U.S.
Research/Creative Inquiry Focus research on problems that are of global interest and global in nature Create a global research consortium.
Carnegie Mellon Community Enhance quality of life by better integration of non-U.S. students within the community. Build viable alumni groups outside the U.S.  Create lifelong learning opportunities.
Governance More emphasis on international experts (e.g., on advisory boards, board of trustees). More actively involved as advisors in key international organizations (e.g., foreign banks, governments).