Global Partnerships - Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon as a Global University

Carnegie Mellon University is committed to developing and maintaining its position as a global university.  Our 2008 Strategic Plan [.pdf] predicts that "our future will be characterized by an increasing degree of global integration among individuals, organizations, cultures, and societies."  To make this plan a reality, we actively seek to engage in global opportunities in research, education, technology development, business relationships, and learning.  CMU's Global Partnerships reflect Carnegie Mellon's values of collaboration, excellence through impact, entrepreneurship, and issue-driven research. 

In January 2015, Dr. Jimmy Hsia assumes the role as Vice Provost for International Programs and Strategy.  Dr. Hsia's purview will include the university's growing international programs and locations worldwide.  He will work closely with university, college, and school leadership to ensure the continuing quality and high standards of our existing educational offerings.  He will also engage in CMU's efforts to identify and evaluate educational and research opportunities for new partnerships around the world.