Global Partnerships - Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon as a Global University

Carnegie Mellon University is committed to developing and maintaining its position as a Global University.  Our Strategic Plan [.pdf] predicts that "our future will be characterized by an increasing degree of global integration among individuals, organizations, cultures, and societies."  To make this plan a reality, we actively seek to engage in global opportunities in research, education, technology development, business relationships, and learning.  The Global Partnerships that are represented here reflect Carnegie Mellon's values of collaboration, excellence through impact, entrepreneurship, and issue-driven research. 

Carnegie Mellon takes great pride in its diversity of disciplines, ideas, research collaborations, and educational endeavors, and also in its ability to bring these many areas together in innovative and meaningful ways.  The role of the International Committee is to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning across our community.  The International Committee has representatives of each of the Colleges and the administration and provides a forum for all members of our community to share experiences and lessons learned from our many global partnerships.

This section of the global website provides information about our Portfolio of Global Partnerships, the membership and functions of the International Committee,  knowledge on our global masters and Ph.D programs, information from Country Lunches, a DVD on Administrative Issues in Starting Global Programs, the International Database, and the Global Awareness Survey.