Portfolio of Global Activities-Global Partnerships - Carnegie Mellon University

Portfolio of Global Activities at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Global and Distributed Masters Programs. Carnegie Mellon offers a variety of face to face and Distributed Masters Programs throughout the world, in countries such as Greece, Japan, and Mexico.

  • PhD Programs. PhD programs in countries such as Portugal and Singapore represent collaborations among governments, other universities, and Carnegie Mellon.

  • Post Doctorate. There are several Post Doctorate programs in the University.  For example, there have been some collaborations with European universities.

  • Research. There are a variety of types of on-going research projects.  Many are global collaborations which include Carnegie Mellon faculty working on a research problem with a faculty member in an international university.  Information about these collaborations can be found in the International Database.

  • New Universities. We contributed to the design of two universities in Singapore and Brazil.

  • Fast Track. The Fast Track program combines one undergraduate degree from Singapore Management University with one of our seven IT Masters Programs.

  • Through capacity building, Carnegie Mellon transfers curriculum and mentors professors at partner institutions outside of the United States, thereby enabling the collaborator institution to offer new educational programs. For example, this was done in Korea, and this Korean institution now offers a Masters Degree in Software Engineering.

  • Educational Networks. We contributed to the design and operation of ongoing educational networks in six countries in Latin America and in India.  These networks create technology enhanced learning environments for underserved populations at the high school and college levels, respectively.

  • Technology Transfer. Through programs such as the Open Learning Initiative (OLI), we are transferring educational technology to other countries. The Management Game, for example, is in multiple countries.

  • Executive/Continuing Education. A variety of educational programs are targeted to managers, government administrators, and others.