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Educational Networks

We have built educational networks in Latin America and in India. The networks are collections of universities who work together to improve the education of underserved populations in their country. Each university in the network shares best practices and assessment results. They also facilitate communication between teachers in different global patients. Each university adopts other educational institutions in their country and serves as a facilitator of educational change in these institutions. The Latin American network focuses on secondary schools in the public sector. The Indian network focuses on other institutions of higher education that are less well developed. These networks have persisted over time – one measure of effectiveness.


The RELATED project represents a partnership among 5 Latin American Universities. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of education at the high school level through the use of technology. The project provides teachers with training on the uses of technology in the classroom, and resources to assist them in using these technologies. The current focus is on improving mathematical skills with cognitive tutor technology developed at Carnegie Mellon.


The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), is a program designed to provide an engineering education curriculum in India. This is a collaborative project which has resulted in the development of courses in engineering, science, and humanities, which are delivered online in video format. Carnegie Mellon University partnered with IITs and IISc to create this program.