International Committee-Global Partnerships - Carnegie Mellon University

International Committee

The International Committee at Carnegie Mellon University was first formed in 1998 with the purpose of promoting and facilitating collaborative international activities within the Carnegie Mellon community and abroad.  These activities enrich the global interest and understanding of our students, and enhance our position as an international university.

Members of the International Committee are:

Functions of the Committee:

  • Provide academic and extra-curricular experiences to enhance our students' global understanding
  • Facilitate lessons learned in global partnerships
  • Tracking global activities


Facilitates learning opportunities among Carnegie Mellon faculty who maintain global partnerships:

Maintains database of Carnegie Mellon partnerships around the world:

  • The International Database contains information about Carnegie Mellon's partnerships and relationships with organizations and universties around the world.

Survey of Global Awareness of the Students at Carnegie Mellon:

  • The Carnegie Mellon Curriculum is designed with Global Awareness as a learning objective.