Cultural Awareness-Global Education - Carnegie Mellon University

Cultural Awareness

With a required basis in world history and several language and culture courses available, but perhaps most importantly a metacurriculum enriched by students from about 50 countries coming together, our students are immersed in developing awarenes of a diversity of cultures.

Experiences available to our students include study abroad and exchange programs, international undergraduate research experiences, a Global House, an annual international festival and a university lecture series.

There are also courses such as the Haiti course, "Working Across Culture" and "Global Issues, Local Solutions" and "Management Game." Additional course options feature international teams. Global Politics and Global Studies majors and minors are also among the curricular choices offered to all students.

In this rich environment, students seek out experiences that develop their awareness of global cultures and competence in working across the globe. Faculty and teaching assistants have available to them workshops in teaching international students. Through this spectrum of opportunities, our students and faculty develop a very rich cultural awareness.

  • Two Courses on Haiti
  • Mini-courses and conferences
  • International Collaborative Construction Management
  • Technology Consulting and Mapping Urbanism

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