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Competence in Subject Areas

The Carnegie Mellon education has the solution of real-world problems as its foundation. To this end, we expect our students to study with depth in a major area, so that they will be competent problem solvers in today's world.

This philosophy, coupled with the global nature of today's problems has shaped our global education. It has meant that having global elements embedded in Subject Areas best serves as a context for this global education.

So we have been able to develop courses and pedagogies in areas as diverse as science, engineering, computer science, policy and architecture that integrate naturally into our curriculum.

  • BIOSSS: Biotechnology Impacting Our Selves, Societies and Spheres
  • Two Courses on Haiti
  • Mini-courses and conferences
  • International Collaborative Construction Management
  • Technology Consulting and Mapping Urbanism
  • Global Systems Project Management

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