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Community Partnerships

Several of the courses work with partners in global communities to realize the action components. Alumni, international graduate students and local practitioners working across the globe speak to the students about their work, through video links or class visits. Alumni and other organizations also help enable action projects.

For instance, in BIOS-3, alumni enable the virtual visits to an AIDS clinic. A local medical aid organization in Pittsburgh aided in transporting the AIDS Caregiver Kits collected and assembled by the class to clinics in Africa. Regular partnerships with non-governmental organizations or local governments enable student work in global locations in Technical Consulting in the Global Community.

Faculty and company connections in global venues enable the realistic international experience of International Collaborative Construction Management and Global Systems Project Management. Our short courses and global conferences are local university and industrial partnerships that draw on expertise and resources from all of us in the Pittsburgh area and across the United States including the United Nations and global foundations.

  • BIOSSS: Biotechnology Impacting Our Selves, Societies and Spheres
  • Mini-courses and conferences
  • Technology Consulting and Mapping Urbanism

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