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Capitalizing on Global Resources

Carnegie Mellon became a global university as early as the 1920's when students first arrived for graduate study. Our first PhD was actually granted to Mao Yi-Sheng who went on to become a trailblazing civil engineer and educator in China in the 1930's.

The second set of connections came through faculty research collaborations throughout the world. The international student population began to increase at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

We were invited to take our Masters programs abroad, and finally to establish campuses or specific programs in various countries. Alumni contacts abroad enabled our students access to remote places to experience those countries and their cultures "firsthand."

Our campus in Doha, Qatar, has been an exciting venture with students from the two campuses working and studying together in real time, and really getting to appreciate how the same problems and solutions differ in the way they play out in different milieus.

  • BIOSSS: Biotechnology Impacting Our Selves, Societies and Spheres
  • Mini-courses and conferences
  • International Collaborative Construction Management
  • Technology Consulting and Mapping Urbanism

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