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Call to Action and Engaged Citizenship

Pragmatic action and real-world projects result in actual products delivered as part of several of our global courses. Students work with global organizations to design and deliver a useful product to a clinic or a company or a governmental or non-governmental organization.

Even when a course does not have a final product delivered to a client, students apply the principles learned in the course to construct scenarios or organizations in final projects to be judged by people who are experts in the field.

This engagement with people in the field of global work also helps faculty to calibrate the usefulness and realistic nature of the student work for the venue for which it is designed. The applied, interdisciplinary, "real-world problem solving" nature of research of our faculty inform and often support this type of engagement.

  • BIOSSS: Biotechnology Impacting Our Selves, Societies and Spheres
  • Mini-courses and conferences
  • International Collaborative Construction Management
  • Technology Consulting and Mapping Urbanism
  • Global Systems Project Management

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