Health, Development and Human Rights-Global Education - Carnegie Mellon University

Health, Development and Human Rights

Instructor: Assistant Professor Nicole Hassoun
Contact Information on Campus:
(412) 268-8568
BPH 135

Approximately 1.1 billion people live on less than $1 a day in a condition the World Bank refers to as extreme poverty. Those who live in extreme poverty frequently lack effective access to proper nutrition, adequate shelter, safe drinking water, and sanitation. As a result, they also bear the greatest burdens of famine and epidemic disease and frequently face social and political conditions of unrest and systematic oppression. This course examines the question of what, if anything, we in the technologically and economically developed world owe to the global poor. It therefore focuses considerable attention on competing theories of global distributive justice and the relationship between poverty, poor health, and human rights. We will critically examine different strategies for international development that emphasize one or more of these variables and we will consider how information about the complex interrelationship of these variables should be factored into the development process.