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Gelfand Center Bus Request 

The Gelfand Center owns two 25-passenger mini-buses which are dedicated to providing transportation for approved educational outreach endeavors of Carnegie Mellon faculty, staff or students, which prioritizes programs that are conducted to improve the lives of children in the community.   This includes volunteer initiatives that are integrated into coursework (service learning), professional development programs for educators, and activities such as school presentations or tutoring that takes place in the community.

The purchase of the vehicles was supported by grants from Carnegie Mellon alumnus, Mark Gelfand. Fund raising to support the cost of maintenance, parking, insurance and drivers is ongoing.  Our services are limited to volunteer efforts and programs that are provided at no cost to members of the community.  If you charge a fee for participation in your program and we are able to fit your event into our schedule, the Gelfand Center will invoice you for the cost of transportation. 

To make sure that our funding is used effectively: groups that request the use of the Gelfand Center bus must have at least 6 people participate in their program.  The maximum number of people who can be transported is 25.  If your group reserves the bus and does not show or does not meet the required number of participants (minimum 6) two times in an academic year, we will not be able to provide transportation services for the remainder of that year. 

Due to insurance regulations, the Gelfand Center buses cannot be used to transport minors.  If your group is working with children who are under 18, please see the Carnegie Mellon Procurement web site to find preferred vendors for transportation services.

Finally, if your group is going to be working with minor children, all members that are going to be using Leonard Gelfand Center transportation MUST have the proper clearances.

Gelfand Bus Request Form

The Leonard Gelfand Center for Educational Outreach and Service Learning makes no guarantee that your bus request will be granted. Your request must be submitted AT LEAST two weeks before the desired date and will not be considered if this requirement is not met.

All required fields must be fully completed for the Gelfand Center to consider your request. Please be sure to read all directions for each question to ensure that you fully complete all fields.