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Monday, August 3, 2009

Impact with Outreach

In addition to economic benefits, Carnegie Mellon University plays a major role in the Pittsburgh community through its Leonard Gelfand Center for Outreach and Service Learning. The center supports more than 85 programs conducted at Carnegie Mellon that serve regional K-12 teachers and students, including programs for professional development and certification, as well as children's tutoring, mentoring and enrichment.

During the past academic year alone, the university’s faculty, students and staff gave more than 88,000 hours in service to the community. Area K-12 teachers were able to earn more than 7,500 professional development hours, while more than 10,000 children were able to participate in outreach activities. Such programs benefit everyone: Carnegie Mellon’s programs help improve regional education, while the university’s students learn critical leadership skills and faculty and staff discover better ways to transfer and expand their developing knowledge base.

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