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Jared L. Cohon

Jared L. CohonPresident of Carnegie Mellon University

As President of Carnegie Mellon University, Jared L. Cohon is responsible for all aspects of leadership in the university, including its commitment to the Pittsburgh region and the world. Under his leadership, Carnegie Mellon has achieved recognition as one of the world’s top-rated institutions. Cohon is a noted expert in a number of fields and can comment on the following areas relating to Pittsburgh’s transformation and its role as a host for the G-20 summit:
  • Economic Diversity: During his presidency, Cohon has been actively involved in creating initiatives to develop jobs in Pittsburgh in various sectors ranging from technology to the life sciences.
  • A World View of Issues: Cohon has held various appointments in the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations, primarily in the areas of environment and homeland security. He can discuss a number of world issues from nuclear siting to water conservation and quality.
  • The Knowledge Economy: The power of an educational/medical partnership with the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC has spurred economic growth in the region and created new jobs, new companies and a knowledge-centered economy.

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