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Economics & Monetary Policy

Carnegie Mellon has a long history of advancing the scholarship and practice of global economics and monetary policy, and is home to six Nobel Prize winners in this sphere. This includes the most recent recognition of Finn Kydland (2004) for research with former faculty member Ed Prescott — examining how economies react in relation to the stability and predictability of central bank policy, which remains an important resource for current policymakers.

The university houses the Gailliot Center for Public Policy, which is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on issues related to international financial institutions, sovereign debt restructuring and development aid, among others. Throughout its history, the Center has served as a key policy advisor to numerous government bodies and monetary agencies on several continents.

Many proposals originating in the Center’s work have found their way into U.S. government programs, such as the independent evaluation of World Bank projects, and reforms for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

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