Churchill-Fellowships and Scholarships Office - Carnegie Mellon University

Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarships

For one year of graduate work in engineering, mathematics and science at Churchill College, Cambridge University. Award covers all Cambridge University fees & tuition, plus a living allowance and travel expenses up to $50,000.

Must be a U.S. citizen.  Seniors or recent graduates between the ages of 19 and 26.

The criteria for the selection of Churchill Scholars include the following: 
  1. Exceptional academic achievement in all disciplines, but especially in the major, as indicated by course grades (previous Scholars have had a grade point average of at least 3.7).
  2. A capacity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics by pursuing original, creative work at an advanced level as demonstrated by awards and prizes and by letters of reference.  Applicants in the sciences and engineering will show extensive laboratory experience, internships, or other related work, while applicants in mathematics will show substantial independent work or other projects.
  3. GRE Scores (GRE Subject Test is not required.)
  4. Outstanding personal qualities.

Students must apply through FSO and follow the campus deadline.  Carnegie Mellon may nominate two students for the national competition.

Campus Registration (pdf)
April 30, 2016

Campus Deadline:
September 2, 2016
All materials to FSO

Foundation Deadline:
November 10, 2016


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