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About Us


The Fellowships and Scholarships Office

The Fellowships and Scholarships Office provides support to current Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing external scholarships and fellowships. For certain awards, FSO also works with graduate students and alumni (Fulbright and the UK Awards found on the Prestigious Scholarships website).  The office works with students to help them develop competitive applications, identifies and supports faculty and staff representatives for a select number of prestigious scholarships and fellowships, maintains a website of external scholarship and fellowship opportunities, and manages campus selection processes.

The Undergraduate Research Office

The Undergraduate Research Office provides seed funds for undergraduate research projects, recognizes students conducting research, funds undergraduates presenting their findings at academic conferences, and presents an annual undergraduate research symposium.  The program is available to students from each of the University's six undergraduate colleges.  The Office has proven extremely successful in encouraging students to pursue graduate studies and research careers.

Our Staff

Stephanie Wallach, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate EducationStephanie
Warner Hall 531
Email:  sw4s@andrew.cmu.edu

Stephanie Wallach is Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, which puts her in charge of two campus-wide programs: First, the Undergraduate Research Office, including SURG, SURF and Meeting of the Minds; and second, the Fellowships and Scholarships Office (FSO), which includes a range of national fellowship competitions, including Fulbright, Goldwater, Churchill, Marshall, German Chancellors and many others.   Stephanie has been a member of the Carnegie Mellon community since 1995, serving as an undergraduate advisor in history and international relations and internship coordinator in Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Stephanie earned a Ph.D. in History from Columbia University in New York; she has a master's degree in History and Education from the University of California, Berkeley and a master's degree in Higher Education from the University of Chicago.  Her research expertise is in twentieth century American history and focuses on issues of gender, education and juvenile justice. She has worked in higher education administration at a variety of institutions, including the University of Chicago, Simmons College (Boston), and Mills College (Calif).    She was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to Germany for the Fulbright International Education Administrators Program in 2011.  She is an avid tennis player and has lived for extended periods in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Chicago. 

Jennifer Keating-Miller, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Undergraduate Research and National Fellowships
Warner Hall 527

Email:  jkeating@andrew.cmu.edu

Jen attended the University of Rochester for undergraduate studies in European History and English.  Her doctoral work was undertaken at the University of Pittsburgh.  She is the author of Language, Identity and Liberation in Contemporary Irish Literature, which was awarded the Michael Durkan Prize for Best Book in Irish Language and Culture in 2011 and is currently undertaking a new research project thJen Keating-Miller is the Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Research Office and the Fellowships and Scholarships Office.  She assists with oversight of URO programs like SURF and SURG and assisting students who elect to pursue nationally competitive opportunities through the FSO.

at focuses on peace lines in Northern Ireland and the region's theatre movement.  She most recently worked at the University of Rochester as the Assistant Director of the McNair Program and Kearns Center and has taught at St. John Fisher College and the University of Pittsburgh.

Jen joined Carnegie Mellon in 2009 and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all that the campus and its surrounding areas have to offer.


Jen Weidenhof
Program Coordinator

jenwWarner Hall 530H
Email: jweidenh@andrew.cmu.edu 

Jen Weidenhof is the Program Coordinator for the Undergraduate Research Office and the Fellowships and Scholarships Office.  She is responsible for all administrative aspects of both offices, website production, and also plans the annual Meeting of the Minds undergraduate research symposium.

Jen graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing.  She worked in the Admissions and Financial Aid Office at Pitt as an undergraduate student, and after graduation was hired by the Institute for Shipboard Education, guardian of the Semester at Sea program.  Jen first worked for ISE as the Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator, then moved to the position of International Field Office Coordinator.   She served as the Registrar and Assistant to the Academic Dean on the Spring 1998 Semester at Sea voyage, visiting 10 countries as they circumnavigated the world.  Jen also participated in various other programs onboard the ship in the Field Office and as Activities Staff. 

Jen came to Carnegie Mellon in September 2006 and enjoys helping students get started in research opportunities.