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FMS will be tweeting abbreviated updates on urgent shutdown and infrastructure notices.  For now, we are only using Twitter when a situation requires immediate broadcast.  Most notices will still be sent via email using our FMS Mailing Lists. 

You can follow our tweets on your Twitter account at .  We are Twitter novices, so please don't contact us for help with Twitter.

How to Join one the FMS Mailing Lists

If you have a need to know about planned, urgent and emergency facility information about buildings on campus, subscribe to any of the FMS Mailing Lists that cover the building or area important to you.

Please note: All of the FMS lists are set up for sending email notices only. Subscribers cannot post to the lists. If you have a question about a notice sent to you, contact the person listed at the end of the email

or call the Service Response Center at 8-2910. Questions emailed to the mailing list or to FMS Announce are not read and will not be answered.

To subscribe to FMS lists:
1) Go to the CMU web portal:

2) Sign in with your user ID
3) Click on the “Computing” tab
4) Select “Manage Email” from the list on the left side of the page
5) Select “Mailing Lists.”

A new window will open to  _Andrew Mailman Mailing Lists at Carnegie Mellon University_.

6) Select the “Browse Advertised Lists” hyperlink.
7) Scroll to the “fms-“ lists.

FMS list names are prefaced by “fms-“ and are followed by the name of the building or area of interest.  You may add yourself to more than one list.  An email sent to multiple lists will send only once to a specific email.  If you are on multiple lists, make sure to use the same email address.

“fms-shutdown” is a list of subscribers who need to know what is happening at all areas of the campus. “fms-shutdown” list members receive almost all notices sent from FMS, which can be several emails a day. If you are only interested in one or two areas, do not subscribe to the “fms-shutdown” list. FMS receives notification of subscriptions and unsubscribes to this list.

“fmsfcc-all” is a mailing list for communicating to all facility coordinators on campus. Generally, only facility coordinators should subscribe.

8) Select a list you would like to join. Click the button at the bottom of the page that says: “Subscribe as /youremail@CMU/” If you do not see the “Subscribe” button that includes your email address, Log in via WebISO.

To unsubscribe to a list, scroll down on the list page to the Subscribers section and follow the instructions there.

FMS posts information for these areas:

300 S. Craig
407 S. Craig
4612 Forbes - Electric Garage
4616 Henry
6555 Penn
Accessibility (problems expected to impact people with accessibility issues in particular.)
Alumni House
Baker Hall
Bramer House

Cohon University Center
Craig Street Corridor
Dining Services
Doherty Hall
Skibo Gym Building (fms-gym)
Hamburg Hall
Hamerschlag Hall
Hunt Library
Mellon Institute
Newel Simon
Porter Hall
Posner Center
Physical Plant Building (FMS)
Purnell Center
Roberts Hall
fms-shutdown (See information on this list before joining.)
Smith Hall
Warner Hall
Wean Hall
Whitfield Hall
fmsfcc-all (See information on this list before joining.)