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Facility Coordinators

Your department may have a process for requesting services from FMS.  Check with your Facility Coordinator for your department's policy on making non-urgent requests.  If an urgent problem occurs, call FMS at 412-268-2910, then let your Facility Coordinator know that you have called.

We periodically survey departments to identify the current Facility Coordinator.  If the list below is incorrect, please contact Kyle Tomer.

Department Last Name First Name Phone Number Building
ACIS Kalbaugh Dave 8-6144 CYH
Admissions Maury Elaine 8-2082 WH
Alumni Relations Ross Anne 8-6963 AH
Alumni Relations Corletti Daniel 8-7337 AH
ARCH Frambes Kristen 8-1538 CFA
Art Lammert Cindy 8-2409 CFA, DH
Art Hritz Terry 8-2203 DH
Art Bingham Bob 8-8021 CFA
ASTM Farber Frank 412-365-1030 6555
Athletics Wingen Tony 8-2218 GYM
Athletics Maser Joan 8-3776 GYM
Biological Sciences Davis Cynthia 8-8086 MI
Biological Sciences Parker Donya 8-318-0 MI
Biological Sciences Stark V Emily 8-6181 MI
Biomedical Engineering Calvin Vanessa 8-2580 PTC
C-Mites Shoplik Ann 8-1378 MMP
CAAE Harris Sandra 8-5148 HBH
Career Center Neumeyer Karen 8-1645 CUC
CBPD Lee Stephen 8-3528 MMC
CCCC Freund Carla 8-1515 MG
CEE Clark Matt 8-2891 PH
Center for Innovation in Learning Martin Diane 8-2356 CFA
Center for Innovation in Learning Park Sophie 8-9860 GHC
Center for Tech Transfer Sturgill Allison 8-5441 4615
CFA Dean's Office Doane Patty 8-2348 CFA
CFA Dean's Office Droan Patty 8-8177 MMC
Chemical Engineering Dawber Justin 8-7993 DH
Chemical Engineering Tilton Julie 8-9537 DH
Chemistry Chambers Brenda 8-1062 MI
Chemistry Haddock Patsy 8-1064 MI
Chemistry Sapienza Joe 8-2342 DH
CIC Mettrick George CIC
Clusters Bryan Richard 8-6712 CYH
CMARC Predmore Dianne 8-2150 SC
CMARC Walton Ty 8-2150 CYH
CNBC Clark Rebecca 8-1899 MI
CNBC Dorney Barbara 8-6557 MI
Cohon University Center
Ghogomu Judy 8-1785 CUC
Cohon University Center Gerwig Marcia 8-1179 CUC
Cohon University Center Krowitz Stanley 8-8394 CUC
Computer Science Skees Jim 8-7653 WEH
Computer Science
Stockhausen Paul 8-8223 WEH
Computing Services Wagner Jeff 8-6693 CYH
Computing Services Kalbaugh Dave 8-6144 CYH
Conferences and Event Services Manley Carolyn 8-2139 MG
Conferences and Event Services Yazemboski Beth 8-1125 CUC
Counseling and Psychological Services Mazzocca Diane 8-2922 MG
CYLAB Stroucken Michael  8-6055 CIC
Design Wilt Deborah 8-6153 MMC
Dining Services Gergely Steve 8-4183 MG
Dining Services Hornak Karen 8-6891 MG
Drama Randolph David 8-1692 PCA
Drama Pino Joe 8-4623 PCA 
Drama Brown Todd 8-1570  
Electrical & Computer Engineering Grupe Al 8-2526 HH
English Kinsky Margaret 8-6497 BH
Enrollment Papinchak John 8-7404 WH
ETC Audia Steve 8-1438  
ETC Metz Janice 8-6035  PTC
FMS Tomer Kyle 8-6332 PPB
Financial Reporting Chop Edward 8-9435 UTDC
FMS Schultheis Keriann 8-6765  
FMS Altschul Martin 8-2529  
Tepper Lalone Lynne 8-9444 GSIA
H&SS Dean's Office Kinchelow Susan 8-7151 BH
HCI Institute Cruse Ava 8-3825 WEH
Health Barkin Anita '8-2157 MG
Heinz English Ann 8-4559 HBH
Heinz Molzer Glenn 8-4739 HBH
HI for Botanical Documentation Jacobsen T.D. 8-2434 HI
History Dickey Gail 8-2858 BH
Housing Askin Dan 8-7980 MG
Housing McCauley Louis 8-2207 MG

H&SS Dean's Office Houck Amy 8-6991 BH
Hunt Institute Jacobsen Terry 8-2434 HL
ICES Cowan Christina 8-5352 HBH
INI  Bragg Tracey 8-5721  
INI  Weinberg Mary 8-7193 4616 Henry
Language Technologies Institute Germany-Morrison Debra 8-6591 CYH
Libraries Alexander Ignatios 8-7258  
Materials Science & Engineering Wolf Jason 8-5672 REH
Math McCarthy Patsy 8-2545 WEH
Mechanical Engineering Wojciechowski Ed 8-2516 HH
MI Library Sanders Carol 8-2426 MI
Miller Gallery Freeman Ryan Tesar 8-4982 PCA
Modern Languages Monda Nancy 8-2895 BH
MT Classroom Comp Services Noullet Richard 8-2430 CYH
Music Garin Ross 8-6627 CFA
Music Skavronski Robert 8-8131 CFA
NMR Center Waters Michelle 8-6337 MI
Office of Sponsored Research Eagan Thomas 8-5835 HBH
Office of the Dean-CFA Ledwich Bernadette 8-6522 SEI
Office of the Dean-CFA Pavlus Patty 8-7173 CFA
Office of the Dean-CIT McQuoid Kelly 8-4077 SH
Office of the Dean-MCS McCarl Sharon 8-3018 MI
Office of the General Counsel Colbert  Gretchen 8-5393 WH
Office of the Provost Jackson Edna 8-6684 WH
Parking Office Porter Michelle 8-6278 CUC
Philosophy DeFazio Jackie 8-8570 BH
Physics Carr Patrick 8-2733 WEH
President's Office Hays Cheryl M. 8-6382 WARN
President's Office White Ginny 8-2202 WH
Property Accounting Services Roach Pat 8-1682 SCG
PSC Nardozzi Ray 8-3196 MI
Psychology Finkel Becky 8-2781 BH
Psychology - Children's School Hancock Linda 8-2198 MMC
PTC Administration Operations Bilak Allison 8-3100 PTC
PTC Administration Operations Pohulu Megan 8-3100 PTC
Registrars Office Camino Nancy 8-4086 WH
Registrars Office Cavaliero Joy 8-1907 WH
ROTC Danko Mike 8-8747 4615
Computer Science Gregory Jamie 8-2069 GHC
SDS Patterson Amy 8-4328 BHP

Statistics Levine Leslie 8-8722 BH
Student Activities Fox Liz 8-8704 CUC
Student Life Irwin Paulette 8-2142 MG
Technology Transfer Mulholland Barbara 8-7391 WH
Telecommunications Innocenti Sheree 8-4980 BRH
Telecommunications Kaminski Paul 8-4610 BRH
Tepper Bilak Cathlene 8-9597 GSIA
Tepper Sawa Jamie 8-9597 GSIA
University Advancement Downey Christine 8-6856 CUC 
University Advancement Corletti Daniel 8-7337 PPG
University Police Scheimer Gary 8-4392 SCRG
University Police Meyer Joe 8-4392 SCRG