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Contact Sponsored Projects Accounting

Please add to the end of each Andrew ID for the complete email address.

Name Title Andrew ID Phone School Organization
Rhonda Kloss Director rkloss 8-1015
David Thomas Manager, Post Award Accounting dthom 8-4283
Teri McCort Assistant Manager, Post Award Accounting teriz 8-3730 State Tobacco Awards
Julie Wilson Sponsored Project Accountant wilsonjm 8-7131 CIT CEE, Bone Tissue, ChemE, ICES, INI, CIT Dean’s Office, Portugal, IPD
Adam Nero Sponsored Project Accountant afnero 8-1148 Tepper All Orgs
Heinz All Orgs
H&SS All
Sharon McCann Senior Sponsored Projects Accountant sm3f 8-5843 CIT ECE, EPP, CEES, Cylab
Brandon Davis Sponsored Projects Accountant davisb 8-5836 SCS Machine Learning, LTI, CSD, HCII, Interact
Autumn DePalma Senior Sponsored Projects Accountant adepalma 8-2930 SCS Robotics, Qatar, China, Singapore
Jasmina Nikolic Sponsored Projects Accountant jnikolic 8-5840 MCS All Orgs
Dan Soza Sponsored Projects Accountant dsoza 8-6626 Closeouts
January Johnson Sponsored Projects Accountant jmbaker 8-2093 CIT Silicon Valley, MechE, BioMed, MSE
CFA All Orgs
Provost & Misc. Provost, Univ Outreach, Tech Transfer, Univ Libraries, FMS

Cash Management

Name Title Andrew ID Phone
Beth Callaway Assistant Director, Sponsored Projects Revenue & Receivables callaway 8-5838
Tiffany Fitzgerald Senior Cash Management Accountant tzilka 8-2092
Marcy Spidell Cash Management Accountant mspidell 8-1268
Marion Lizik Cash Management Accountant mariol 8-8433


Mary Jean Nejak SPA Administrative Assistance mnejak 8-2886
SPA Main Line 8-2091

Contact Cost Analysis

Visit us at:
4516 Henry Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Please add to the end of each Andrew ID for the complete email address.

Name Title Andrew ID Phone
Anne Marie Bosnyak  Senior Director, Sponsored Projects Accounting and Cost Analysis  bosnyak 8-1004
Sara Cammarata Staff Accountant saracam 8-3646
William Stewart Senior Cost Accountant - Service Centers billrs 8-1010