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International Finance offers the option of shipping belongings for relocation to DOHA, Qatar, as well as weekly shipments of bulk mail, items purchased online, etc.

I want to know how to "RELOCATE" to Qatar.

When shipping personal items (ie. clothing, toys, etc.), there is a $2,000.00 USD maximum allowance per authorized adult and $1,000 USD maximum allowance per dependent child allotted for the excess baggage allowance when relocating to Qatar for long term employees. Short term employees will receive a $2,000.00 USD maximum allowance per authorized adult when relocating to Qatar. Any business items including, but not limited to, books, teaching aids, etc. will not be charged against the amount noted above, provided they fit into 3-4 medium sized (18X18X18) boxes. You will need to bring the unsealed boxes to the UTDC building, along with a typed invoice of all items contained within the box along with their USD value, and we will ship them utilizing our weekly shipping company, UPS. Please make sure to complete and submit the CMU Mailing and Shipping Checklist [.pdf] before dropping off your boxes at the UTDC building. (You can find the form on our INTERNATIONAL FINANCE FORMS page)

International Mailing and Shipping Guidelines [.pdf]


For personal items, there are generally 3 suggestions we give.

#1.) UPS is the best option if you do not have an abundance of items to relocate. If you can pack everything into 6-8 medium sized boxes, UPS is a good option. This process only takes about 4 days to reach Qatar and UPS provides a discount.

#2.) International Finance can provide you with the contact information of our preferred international moving company, UniGroup. This option is best for large items such as furniture or a larger volume of items (in excess of 8 boxes). UniGroup will work directly with you and provide you with an estimate for the shipment of your items. If you decide on UniGroup, they are a full service company who will pack and deliver your items door to door.

#3.) Finally, you are welcome to utilize any shipping mechanism on your own, get estimates, research companies and submit an Expense Report for reimbursement up to the amount of your allowance. For example: You can use this allowance towards the cost of additional luggage for the airlines. This option is recommended for electronic related devices such as laptop computers.

I want to know how to "SHIP WEEKLY ITEMS" to Qatar.

International Finance also sends out bulk mail at least once a week in the event you wish to have your mail or any packages forwarded to you. This can include everyday mail, small packages, online orders, but there is a 5 lb. per week limit. To have your mail forwarded to your living location in Qatar, you will have to go to your post office and request your mail be forwarded to the CMU SMC code 1070 . Bulk letters and documents have no weekly weight limit. You can have items shipped to our office and they will be delivered to you whenever you wish. But make sure you keep in mind the 5 lb per week limit on personal shipments and estimated shipping time between drop off time at the office and arrival time in Qatar (approximately 6 - 8 days for printed material (ie. books, brochures) and approximately 3 - 4 days for everything else). This includes (online) ordering as well as packages from friends/family members. Again items should be sent to the address on the mailing guidelines.

Contact for Mailing & Shipping to Qatar

For all general inquiries and to schedule relocating/shipping packages, please contact:

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(412) 268-6641

FAX 412-268-2732

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