Administrative Leadership Group-Chief Financial Officer - Carnegie Mellon University

Administrative Leadership Group

The Administrative Leadership Group (ALG) is a collaborative team appointed by the Deans and Directors of the various schools and departments within Carnegie Mellon. The ALG was created to discuss pending and current financial and administrative issues and challenges, improve communications, and promote joint problem solving. Members in this group strategize and develop solutions on behalf of their units and are responsible and accountable for leading within their unit any respective communication, training, and implementation. As a team, the ALG responds to current and pending issues and develops solutions that are compliant with external regulations and internal policies while being as sensitive as possible to maintaining a collaborative environment and resource constraints. It is the responsibility of the members to communicate back to their Deans/VP's, business managers, unit directs, etc. The ALG works constructively to present solutions in forums such as the Department Head Meetings, President's Council, etc.

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