Outside Scholarships-Student Financial Aid - Carnegie Mellon University

Outside Scholarships

If a student receives outside scholarships, they will be used to meet unmet financial need and where applicable, offset/reduce loans and Work Study.

Institutional grants and scholarships will not be reduced due to the receipt of outside scholarships unless one of the following occurs:

  1. If student receives federal grants or loans, these funds, in combination with any other grants/scholarships, cannot exceed student's financial need.
  2. All outside scholarships, in combination with all aid received, cannot exceed student's cost of attendance.

Outside scholarships are not from federal, state or institutional (university) sources, such as a Federal Pell Grant or SEOG. Examples of outside scholarships are: Coca-Cola, Gates Millennium, Rotary scholarships, etc.

Scholarship Resources

Carnegie Mellon appreciates the organizations that seek to support our students financially through outside scholarship funding. While we are unable to list all of the scholarships offered by outside organizations on our website, we have found the following websites to be helpful to CMU students who are searching for scholarship opportunities: