Historical Private Loan Lenders-Student Financial Aid - Carnegie Mellon University

Historical Private Loan Lenders at Carnegie Mellon

In alphabetical order are the private lenders who have provided loans to Carnegie Mellon students during the past three years. Please understand that you are not required to use any of the lenders listed and will not be penalized or disadvantaged if you choose to borrow from another lender. We will process any loan from any private lender. 

Lender Name Website Application & Solicitation Disclosure
Bank of North Dakota http://mystudentloanonline.nd.gov

.pdf (Variable)

.pdf (Fixed)

CHESLA (Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority) www.chesla.org .pdf
Citizens Bank www.citizensbank.com


Credila (provides loans to Indian students enrolled in the U.S. and other countries)

www.credila.com .pdf
Discover Student Loans www.discoverstudentloans.com

See website for disclosures.

EdAccess Private Student Loan www.custudentloans.org/students .pdf
IHELP MCS Bank www.ihelploan.com .pdf
MEFA (Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority) www.mefa.org

.pdf (Undergraduates)

.pdf (Graduates)

NJ Class www.hesaa.org .pdf
PNC Bank www.pnconcampus.com

.pdf (Undergraduates - Variable)

.pdf (Undergraduates - Fixed)

.pdf (Graduates - Variable)

.pdf (Graduates - Fixed)

RISLA (Rhode Island Student Loan Authority) www.risla.org .pdf
Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan www.salliemae.com

.pdf (Undergraduates)

.pdf (Graduates)

SoFi Student Loan www.sofi.com

.pdf (In-School)

.pdf (Refinance)

Student Choice Credit Union www.studentchoice.org See website for participating credit unions.
SunTrust Bank www.suntrust.com See website for disclosures.
Union Federal Student Loan Program www.unionfederalstudentloans.com

.pdf (Undergraduates)

.pdf (Graduates)

VSAC (Vermont Student Assistance Corp.) www.vsac.org

.pdf (Advantage)

.pdf (Choice)

Wells Fargo


See website for disclosures. 

*Learn about Carnegie Mellon's Federal and Private Lender Code of Conduct