CSS PROFILE/IDOC FAQs-Student Financial Aid - Carnegie Mellon University


What is the College Board and why does the student need to send financial information to them? Why doesn't the student send information directly to his/her school?

Why does the student have to pay the $9 CSS PROFILE application fee and the $16 college program fee?

Is the student eligible for a fee waiver?

Is the student required to file the CSS PROFILE only if he/she wants to borrow a non-need based loan (a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan or a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan)?

What is the last date to file the 2015-16 CSS PROFILE?

How does the student make corrections to his/her CSS PROFILE after it has been submitted?

If tax documents are faxed or mailed to CMU, instead of being mailed to the CSS IDOCS Processing Center, what happens to them?

If the student's parents are divorced or separated, what forms does the noncustodial parent need to complete?

Is there a fee for completing the CSS Noncustodial PROFILE (NCP)?

If the student or parent is a Non Tax Filer, what do they submit?

Can students/parents send in more than one IDOC packet?

How does the student ensure prompt processing of his/her information?

How does the student receive his/her IDOC Cover Sheet?

The student's IDOC Cover Sheet isn't printing as a one-page document. What should he/she do?

How does the student learn what documents he/she needs to send to the College Board?

Where should the student send his/her IDOC information?

How can the student expedite the mailing of his/her information to the College Board?

How does the student verify that the College Board has received his/her IDOC packet and has forwarded it to student's college or program that requested it?

The deadline listed in the IDOC Requirements is different than the deadline on the student's college's website. Which one is correct?

If the student cannot meet the deadline for filing information with IDOC, what should he/she do?

What are the consequences of returning the information required by the student's college or program after the deadline indicated in his/her IDOC Requirements?

How long does it take to process the student's information once the College Board receives it?

The student completed the IDOC packet a while ago but has not received a financial aid award from his/her college. When will the student receive his/her financial aid award?

Can the student use last year's (2014-15) IDOC Cover Sheet to send his/her 2015-16 IDOC information?

On the Non Tax Filer's Statement, it states the student/parent should include supporting documentation for all of their income sources. What kinds of documents should be included?

What is the student's IDOC ID?

The student lost his/her IDOC ID. How does he/she find out what it is?

The student and his/her parents are not U.S. citizens and will not file U.S. income tax returns. The student received a letter from the College Board directing him/her to submit tax documents through IDOC. Some of the requested documents aren't applicable to the student's situation. What should he/she send to the College Board?