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Student Employment

PA Act 32 & Local Earned Income Tax

PA Act 32 requires Carnegie Mellon to collect Local Earned Income Tax (EIT) on behalf of its employees - including student employees – who live or work in Pennsylvania. Learn more.

About Student Employment

There are many student employment opportunities on campus, both need-based and non-need based. Students can search for jobs via TartanTRAK

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based self-help award. If a student has been awarded FWS, the FWS award is the total that can be earned during the academic year as a work-study student. It is important to note that funds earned in the Federal Work-Study Program are not credited to the student's account.

All students who are employed by Carnegie Mellon complete timecards and are paid by check on a bi-weekly basis. Students have the option to have their pay direct deposited into a local checking or savings account. The authorization form may be found on Carnegie Mellon's Payroll website.

Most students are paid directly by their employers.  Others are paid with a combination of federal and university funds through the Federal Work-Study program, which includes a component for Community Service Federal Work-Study.

Questions about student employment? View Frequently Asked Questions.