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Eligibility Notification, Alerts & Teacher Certification

Financial Aid Eligibility Notification

Once a student's financial aid package has been determined, Student Financial Aid will notify the student by email that a financial aid award letter has been posted to his/her secure Student Information Online (SIO) account. This letter contains important information and further instructions regarding the financial aid package. If a financial aid package changes at any point throughout the academic year, the student will receive a revised letter.

Financial Aid Alerts

If we are unable to process a student's package due to missing documents, the student will receive a Financial Aid Alert email. If an email is received, the student must submit the requested documents by the date specified. Students can check to see which documents have or have not been submitted and received on SIO. If the application process is not completed and all requested documents are not submitted, we may be unable to complete the student's financial aid package for the academic year.

International students are not eligible for any institutional, federal or state grants, or federal loan programs.

Teacher Certification

Teacher certification students at the graduate level should be aware that federal regulations classify them as a grade level 5 undergraduate student for Federal Direct Student Loan purposes. Teacher certification students are, however, considered a graduate student by Carnegie Mellon for academic purposes.