Opening Night

Thursday, Feb. 26, 7:30pm
Melwood Screening Room

“Il Divo” (Italy 2008) + short film “Washing Walls” and introduction by Braddock Filmmaker Tony Buba

Before the “show must go on,” the show must start. Though the faces behind the Faces of Realism would gratefully accept an extension on the deadline, this is when it all begins, and it begins with a bang of mafia guns and corruption. Il Divo is a film that raises the bar, not only for the festival program, but for the biopic genre. A journalist sits in front of the seven-time Italian Prime Minister Guilio Andreotti, and with alarming confidence, he accuses, “It’s one or the other. You’re either the most cunning criminal in the country because you never get caught, or you’re the most persecuted man in the history of Italy.” Director Paolo Sorrentino’s portrait of Giulio Andreotti may not leave you with the answer to that question, so complex is his character study of this sly, shrewd, and impenetrable political figure. So layered is this film, you’ll want to learn Italian so as to keep up with its action, its cinematography and its cast of real-life characters, but in the meantime, immerse yourself in one of the finest aspects of Italian culture: the food! The East End Food Co-op will serve Italian Wedding Soup and bread. For a touch of the cool, Bison Grass Vodka, the official drink of the festival, brings you the “little water” served in New York’s finest restaurant (for those of age only... sorry to all younger film fans). Supported by Graduate Program at the University of Pittsburgh, Bison Grass Vodka and the East End Food Co-op

Faces of “Realism”

Workshop with Polish Cinematographer/Producer Arthur Reinhart
February 27, 5:00pm
Mellon Board Room at Chatham University

When presenting a festival centered on the theme of realism, someone has to play devil’s advocate and say, "Realism does not exist in dramatic cinema. Everything is created. The point is to create a film world corresponding to the script world, one in which everything, from the characters and the story line, to the camera work and actors' craft, will seem real and “true” to life. Each placement of the camera, even one which seems to statically register “real” events, reflects a conscious decision. In my films, the sun often shines at the same time in the eyes of two actors standing opposite each other, creating an effect that, even if not physically possible, seems more true to life than it otherwise would.” Join devil’s advocate, Polish cinematographer and producer Arthur Reinhart as he presents these ideas for discussion, in the context of his work.

Reinhart completed his studies at the National Film School in Łódź, Poland in 1988 and has been recognized internationally with such awards as the 1994 Golden Frog Award for the best Cinematography in the World, the Kodak Award for the Best Young Director of Photography and Best Director of Photography at the XVIII Polish Feature Film Festival in 1998 and again the Best Director of Photography at the same festival in 2005. He was the cinematographer of Kevin Reynold’s 2006 Tristan & Isolde. In addition to being Dorota’s Kedzierzawksa’s partner in marriage, Reinhart has produced and directed the cinematography for many of Kedzierzawksa’s films, including the Faces of Realism feature Time to Die.

Organized by The Humanities Center at CMU in conjunction with the Film and Digital Technology programs at Chatham University.

What is Real?

Workshop with Director Antonio Campos
February 27, 2009, 4:30 to 6:00pm
Carnegie Mellon University, CFA Room 303

In an interview, director Antonio Campos was asked, “Your film is told in two parts - documentary and narrative - and yet the first question everyone is going to ask is… ‘What was real?’ What will you say to the first person who asks at the Q & A?” Faces of Realism provides the venue for the answer. Director Antonio Campos will conduct a workshop on Realism in relation to his short film Buy It Now, which tells the story of a sixteen-year-old girl who sells her virginity on eBay to the highest bidder. The short gained major attention at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, where Campos won the Cinefondation Award. His workshop will be part screening and part discussion. Campos will dissect performance, camera work, editing and the use of video clips in both Buy It Now and the festival feature Afterschool. Following the workshop, Big Dog Coffee and light refreshments will be served as a precursor to the 7:30pm screening of Afterschool at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Screening Room.

Organized by The Humanities Center at CMU in conjunction with the Carnegie Mellon School of Art.

If The Bombers Painted Walls, Would You?

Sunday, March 1, 5:00 Screening followed by Tagging Session and Reception
Future Tenant Gallery
819 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

While imitation often results in the sarcastic question, “And if so and so jumped off a bridge, would you,” Faces of Realism offers the chance to imitate without going to the extreme. Though many of the graffiti artists in the documentary Bomb It do in fact dangle from bridges and risk their lives for the sake of a tag, they also paint walls and debate graffiti’s place in the art world. Now it’s your turn. Following the screening, we relinquish the paint, the debate and the gallery walls at Future Tenant Gallery to you, while DJ Thermos supplies your soundtrack, Rolling Rock supplies your alcohol (“you” being the over 21 crowd), and Chipotle supplies your brimming burrito. Don’t miss this chance to become one of the interactive faces of realism and set a film and the festival into motion.

Reality, Inside Reality, Inside Reality

Thursday, March 5, 7:30pm
Sanger Lecture Room in Coolidge Hall at Chatham University

In the Faces of Realism festival selection Momma’s Man, it is not just the main character that is returning home. Director Azazel Jacobs cast both his father Ken, a celebrated avant-garde filmmaker, and his mother, Flo, a painter, and set the majority of scenes in their real life apartment. His camera acknowledges the creativity of his upbringing while his protagonist probes further into what draws us home and captures us there when we least expect it. This was not Azazel’s first study of realism with regards to film. In his workshop, he will focus on realism with a screening of his graduation project from SUNY Purchase, which dismantles like a set of Russian dolls. The short is about a couple playing a couple in a film, played by a real couple. Reception to follow.

Organized by The Humanities Center at CMU in conjunction with the Film and Digital Technology programs at Chatham University.