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The Future Is Not What It Used To Be


Directed by Mika Taanila
USA, 2006, 88 min

Awards and Nominations
  • 2003 Winner Venice Biennale, Italy
  • 2003 Winner Venice Biennale, Italy
  • 2003 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
  • 2004 Festival International du Film sur Art, Montreal

"Recommended! Deftly intersperse clips of Kurenniemi's early innovative films with more recent footage of the artist obsessively collecting video, audio, and found objects - artifacts of a stream-of-consciousness digital diary. To this intriguing mix is added a sound track, which includes Kurenniemi's groundbreaking synthesized music. The resulting controlled chaos seems perfectly evocative of the life and work of this idiosyncratic artist who dwells in the constantly shifting nexus of man and machine." Educational Media Reviews Online

A documentary film about Erkki Kurenniemi, a pioneer of electronic art in Finland (b. 1941), whose career represents a natural blend of art, music, film, computers, robotics and science. With manic precision, Kurenniemi constantly records his thoughts, observations, objects and images. His ultimate goal is the merging of man and machine in a reconstruction of the human soul.

Director Bio: Mika Taanila

Mika Taanila is a Finnish artist working equally fluently in the fields of documentary filmmaking, music videos, and visual arts. His documentary films deal with the significant and alarming issues of human engineering and artificial urban surroundings. Visually, Taanila's films are outside the documentary mainstream. They are very colorful, fast-paced and contain a lot of music on the soundtrack. Some of his other works are "Optical Sound," "Robocup99," and "The Zone of Total Eclipse."


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