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American Premiere
Directed by Artur Zmijewski
Poland, 2006-2007, 120 min

"The reason was, that there is absolutely no reason at all, that one should be interested in these (…) women, and there is definitely less of a reason to make a film about them."
Artur Zmijewski, Director

Domesticity as mechanization. Artur Zmijewski began with a simple premise: follow one person (from the following countries: Poland, Mexico, Italy and Germany) for 24 hours, documenting everything he or she does, whether professional or private. From work to school, from home to day care, shopping, sleeping, and cooking, the result is a fascinating and breathtaking work. The film consists of linear twelve and sixteen minute-long clips. Patterns emerge as does the question- how automated have we become?

Director Bio: Artur Zmijewski

Born in 1966 in Warsaw, Zmijewski is considered to be one of Poland’s most renowned contemporary artists. In the beginning of the early 1990s, Zmijewski participated (together with Pawel Althamer and Katazyna Kozyra, both of whom presented their works in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie International) in the master studio of the renowned artist Grzegorz Kowalski, professor of sculpture at the Warsaw Academy of Arts. Zmijewski began to work as a sculptor, but after receiving his diploma, he changed his medium to photography and film. He has had a number of solo and group exhibitions: in Switzerland (2005); Austria (2005); San Francisco, and the USA (2005). In 2005, the artist represented his country at the Polish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The Video-Forum of the NBK in Berlin honored his work with a comprehensive solo exhibition in Berlin (2007).


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