Talks & Panel Discussions - Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Talks Scheduled Throughout the Conference

Invited Talks

  • James Balog, Extreme Ice Survey
  • J. Michael Fay, National Geographic Explorer
  • Jim Richardson, National Geographic Society
  • Michael Sims, Estelle Dodson, Pascal Lee and Chris McKay, NASA
  • Science Communication Panel

Talks from Papers

  • Estimating stand basal area from forest panoramas
    Christopher Fastie - Middlebury College
  • Exploring the Excited Skin: Gigapixel Imaging of Soil Profiles and Landscape Contexts
    Ken Tamminga - Penn State University
    Rick Stehouwer - Penn State University
    Patick Drohan - Penn State University
  • Three-Dimensional Gigapan Views of Archaeological Sites and Artifacts
    Matthew Sisk - Stony Brook University
  • A year in an urban forest: Dairy Bush GigaPan 2009-2010
    M. Alex Smith - University of Guelph
  • How many ways do I use thee? -- Academic applications of GigaPan technology
    Brian Yamamoto - Kauai Community College
    Kim Bridges - University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • GigaPan Imagery and Archaeology at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace
    Vicki Hertzberg - Emory University
    Michael Page - Emory University
    Bonna Wescoat - Emory University

Lightning Talks

Poster sessions will feature lightning talks from authors followed by Q&A.

  • Applications of GigaPans to Geoscience Education and Research
    William Beatty - Winona State University    
    Candace Kairies Beatty - Winona State University    
    Jennifer Piatek - Central Connecticut State University
  • Remote curation and outreach: examples from the NCSU Insect Museum GigaPan Project
    Matthew Bertone - North Carolina State University
    Andrew Deans - North Carolina State University
  • Bridging arts and socials sciences: animated and interactive panoramas in visual research
    Roderick Coover - Temple University
  • Hitching Post of the Sky: Did Paleoindians Paint an Ancient Calendar in Stone along the Amazon River?
    Christopher Davis - University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Giga-stan X: Extreme Gigapanning in Central Asia
    Michael Frachetti - Washington University in St. Louis    
  • Adapting Traditional Macro and Micro Photography for Scientific Gigapixel Imaging
    Molly Gibson - NASA Ames, EAP    
    Jay Longson - NASA Ames, UCSC    
    Gene Cooper - Four Chambers Studio    
    Randy Sargent - Carnegie Mellon University, Gigapan Project    
    Rich Gibson - NASA Ames, Gigapan Project
  • Time Lapse Gigapans of Bee development
    Rich Gibson - Carnegie Melon University    
    Gene Cooper - Four Chambers Studio    
    Dennis vanEngelsdorp - Penn State University and State of Pennsylvania Apiarist    
    Michael Andree - Penn State University       
  • Microbiology Laboratory Benchspace Literacy: Gigapan Imaging Enhancing Linguistic Landscape Research
    David Hanauer - Indiana University of Pennsylvania & Pittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute
  • How Many Pixels? Statistics from the GigaPan Web Site
    Paul S. Heckbert - GigaPan
  • High Dynamic Range Gigapixel Imaging as a Method for Eternalizing Graffiti & Urban Art in Fine Art & Fashion
    Jay Hirschfeld - Cineflock LLC
  • The World in High Def: GigaPans and Architecture
    Leto Karatsolis-Chanikian - CMU Architecture Student    
    Daniel Rapoport - CMU Architecture Student    
    Pablo Garcia - CMU Architecture Assistant Professor
  • Gigapans and the Social Sciences
    Karl Kindt - Webster University
  • Applications of gigapixel imaging in vertebrate paleontology
    Matthew Lamanna - Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Gigapan Voyage for Robotic Reconnaissance
    Susan Young Lee - NASA Ames, SGT Inc.    
    Eric Park - NASA Ames, CMU West    
    Ted Morse - NASA Ames, CMU West
  • Identification of cultural boundary objects through ultra-high resolution Gigapan image making
    Brian Moriarty - Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Repeat Photography using GigaPan Imagery in the San Simon Watershed, Arizona, USA
    Mary Nichols - USDA-ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center    
    Mike Crimmins - University of Arizona    
    Bill Brandau - University of Arizona
  • Using GigaPan to photograph long plant specimens
    Steve Renich - The Land Institute    
    Scott Bontz - The Land Institute
  • Timelapse GigaPan
    Randy Sargent - Carnegie Mellon University / GigaPan Systems    
    Chris Bartley - Carnegie Mellon University    
    Paul Dille - Carnegie Mellon University    
    Paul Heckbert - GigaPan Systems    
    Rich LeGrand - GigaPan Systems    
    Illah Nourbakhsh - Carnegie Mellon University
  • Gigapan Uses In Formal And Informal Education; Applications In Botany, Phenology Of Riparian Ecosystems, Geology, Community Stories Of Place
    Jerry Schoen - University of Massachusetts    
    R. D. Stevenson - University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Picture Polar Science: Using Gigapan to Connect Classrooms to Antarctic Cryobiologists
    Molly Steinwald - Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens    
    Yuta Kawarasaki - Miami University    
    Juanita Constible             
    Richard E. Lee, Jr. - Miami University    
    A. John Bailer - Miami University
  • High resolution imaging of rock falls in Yosemite National Park
    Greg Stock Ph.D - Yosemite National Park     
    Eric Hanson - xRez Studio, Inc., University of Southern California    
    Greg Downing - xRez Studio, Inc.
  • GigaPan Dialogues in Environmental Education
    Laura Tomokiyo - Carnegie Mellon University    
    Eileen Coughlin - Falk Laboratory School    
    Jacque Goodburn - Burgettstown Area School District    
  • How many ways do I use thee? -- Academic applications of GigaPan technology
    Brian Yamamoto - Kauai Community College    
    Kim Bridges - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Panel Discussions

  • The Saudi Arabian Rock Art Project: Diverse Applications of GigaPan Technology
    Chris Beard & Sandra Olsen - Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Macro/Micro/Nano Gigapixel Images
    Gene Cooper - Four Chambers Studio
    Jay Longson & Rich Gibson - NASA Ames
    Richard Palmer - Hawaii Department of Health 
  • Gigapixel imaging use in planetary exploration
    Michael Sims - NASA Ames
    Estelle Dodson - NASA Ames & Lockheed Martin
    Pascal Lee - NASA Ames, SETi & Mars Institute
    Chris McKay - NASA Ames 
  • Gigapixel Timelapse Systems for Quantifying phenology from Ecosystem to Organism
    Justin Borevitz - University of Chicago 
    Timelapse GigaPan

    Randy Sargent - NASA Ames & Carnegie Mellon University