Organizing Committee - Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Conference Organizing Committee

General Chairs

Illah Nourbakhsh, Carnegie Mellon University
Randy Sargent, Carnegie Mellon University & NASA Ames

Program Chairs

Kim Bridges, University of Hawai`i at Manoa
M. Alexander Smith, University of Guelph

Workshop Chairs

Richard Palmer, Hawaii State Department of Health
Ron Schott, Fort Hays State University

Events Chairs

Caitlin Lenahan, Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest
Chris Bartley, Carnegie Mellon University

Gallery Committee

Chris Fastie, Middlebury College
Morgan Heim, CIRES, University of Colorado at Boulder
Golan Levin, Carnegie Mellon University
Jim Richardson, National Geographic Society
Ken Tamminga, Pennsylvania State University
Jennifer Saffron, Carnegie Mellon University
Molly Steinwald, Phipps Conservatory

Local Arrangements Chair

Mary Jo Knelly, Carnegie Mellon University

General Committee

Natalia Hoyos, Smithsonian Tropical Institute
Chris Fastie, Middlebury College
Candace Kairies Beatty, Winona State University
Mary Nichols, USDA-ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center
Jennifer Piatek, Central Connecticut State University
Matthew Sisk, Stonybrook University