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Carl Wieman

Carl Wieman

The Inaugural Simon Initiative Lecture

Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education
Carl Wieman 

Friday, January 31, 2014

How can science be taught better? Who better to answer that question than a Nobel Laureate.

Carl Wieman holds a joint appointment as Professor of Physics and of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Since winning the Nobel Prize in Physics with two others in 2001, Wieman has dedicated himself to improving science education.

Concurrent with the launch of CMU's Simon Initiative last November, President Suresh invited Dr. Wieman to join the new Global Learning Council (GLC), which includes experts from industry, academia and foundations, who are committed to using science and technology to enhance learning through the open sharing of data and best practices.

Wieman challenged his audience to radically re-think the way education is delivered.

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About Carl Wieman

Carl Wieman has done extensive experimental research in atomic and optical physics. His current intellectual focus is now on undergraduate physics and science education research. He has pioneered the use of experimental techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of various teaching strategies for physics and other sciences, and recently served as Associate Director for Science in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

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