Staff: Advisors & Program Coordinators-Enrollment Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Welcome, Carnegie Mellon Staff!

Enrollment Services provides staff members, advisors and program coordinators with basic academic administrative services that enhance the educational experience of Carnegie Mellon students.

Our office can assist staff with:

  • Course scheduling
  • Final exam preparation
  • Student registration
  • Academic records

We also provide important documents and guides, including:

  • Procedures Manual - A comprehensive guide to most of the academic and administrative processes relating to student registration and records.
  • Department Calendar - An up-to-date calendar detailing process deadlines and dates, as well as academic and administrative activities in the current academic year.
  • Academic Audit Manual
  • Student Data Warehouse Guide - Documention for users of Student Data Warehouse (updated 4/27/12).

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 412-268-1903 or e-mail at