Final Exams-Enrollment Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Final Exams

Final exams occur during the designated final exam days listed on the official academic calendar. Generally, the University Registrar's Office will post the final exam schedule by the tenth day of classes.

Departments notify the University Registrar's Office as to which classes have final exams via the SIS RSU2 screen final exam flag, set when building the Schedule of Classes and during the final exam flag review period. The Final Exam Flag Report lists all courses given during the current semester and the status of the final exam flag for each class.

A snapshot of all student schedules and the flagged courses are combined and analyzed. We have two priorities in scheduling final exams:

  1. Students cannot be scheduled for two exams at the same time, and
  2. Students should not be scheduled for more than two exams per day.

All sections of the same course, as well as cross-listed courses (unless otherwise notated) are scheduled for the same time and room (large courses may be assigned multiple rooms).

The exam schedule draft is first reviewed by the associate deans for any apparent conflicts. A draft is then distributed to departments so that faculty can be notified, and so that any last-minute cancellations or adds can be reported.

Final Exam Conflicts

Students who have conflicts within their final exam schedules should try to arrange an alternate test time with their instructor(s). If the problem cannot be resolved, they should contact their associate dean.