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Other Factors to Consider

Departments should be alert to issues and processes that can impact (1) the timing requirements by lengthening the total time needed to complete the New Academic Program Process steps from start to finish, as well as (2) quality and availability of academic and student services. Depending on the nature and scope of the new academic program, such impacts may include:

Factor Implications Contact Information
MOU, Contract or Written Agreement one week to one year lead time depending on the complexity Mary Beth Shaw, Assistant General Counsel
University Accreditation (Middle States) 6 to 24 months lead time Elizabeth Whiteman, Director of Accreditation & Strategic Initiatives
U.S. Federal Financial Aid Eligibility 6 to 12 months lead time (may be contingent upon accreditation) Brian Hill, Director of Student Financial Services
Enrollment of International Students in U.S. Programs at least 6 months to obtain government approval; up to 3 months to obtain a visa (visa issued after government approval takes place) Linda Gentile, Director of Office of International Education
Export Controls Sheryl Trexler, Export Compliance Officer
Libraries Erika Linke, Associate Dean of University Libraries
Student Affairs Gina Casalegno, Dean of Student Affairs
Eberly Center Marsha Lovett, Director of Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence